Small pet VISITS

Using our small pet visit service means that you will be safe in the knowledge that your pets are well looked after whilst you're away. 


We are happy to look after all sorts of animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents (mice, rats, hamsters, degus, etc.), ferrets, fish, lizards, and a huge array of different mammals and reptiles.



When you contact us, we'll arrange a consultation. This is the first step to making a booking.


Consultations allow us to gather information to ensure the best care for your pets, and means you can get to know us and get a chance to ask us any questions. It also allows us to fill out some important paperwork.


This is completely free and you are under no obligation to use our service.



After Booking


We will arrange a convenient time to collect a set of keys for your property. Don't worry, your keys are kept within a lock box in a safe, and we never put any of your details on the key. We also offer a key holding service.


The Visit


We will visit as many times of day as you require. We will feed your pet, do spot cleans (and full cleans if needed), let the rabbits out for a run, and give the animals some love and attention. 


We're happy to send you phone, text or email updates whilst you're away too, to give you peace of mind.



Our Prices


Our prices are as follows:


30 Minute Visit - £8

One Hour Visit - £12

Two 30 minute visits - £16


We do not charge extra for multiple animals.