Signs your pet is too hot

The last few days have been hot and humid, making house temperatures rise, and animals overheat. Different animals have different ways of showing they're hot and trying to cool down. Listed below are a few of the more common animals, with how they cool down and how you can help them.


Signs: Panting, dry mouth, gums and nose.

Prevention: There are many things you can do to help your dog cool down. These include wetting them, giving them cold water (adding ice will make the water stay cold for longer), and ensuring they don't sit in the sun and have plenty of shade. If left at home during the day, make sure there is air flow in the house. Leave a couple of windows open if it's safe to do so.


Signs: Panting, dry mouth, gums and nose, lethargy.

Prevention: Run air conditioning or a fan in the house. You'll find that if your cat is used to the fan, it will soon stat sitting in front of it to cool down. Mine certainly does! Provide fresh water every day too. It will get quite warm, so you can always stick an ice cube or two in to keep it really cool. Make sure there's plenty of cool hiding places, and if you have carpet, make sure the cat can get into a room with a solid floor if there's one available (Lino in kitchens and bathrooms often does the trick).


Signs: Fast and shallow breathing, Hot ears, Listlessness, Wetness around the nose area, Tossing back of head while breathing rapidly from open mouth.

Prevention: Freeze some water bottles and leave them in the hutch and run. Ensure your have plenty of shade and don't sit in the sun. Make sure their water is also in the shade. Warm water doesn't really quench your thirst on hot days! Another option is to keep a slab of marble in their hutch or run. This stays cold and is a great way to help bunnies cool themselves down. Obviously, marble is quite expensive, so I don't expect everyone to run out and buy some!

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