Why I won't bake dog treats

Today, I had a fantastic thought. Why don't I bake doggie treats to sell? I planned on popping to the supermarket and buying the ingredients to test out a few recipes in the hopes of getting a stall at RSPCA Isle of Thanet's Family Fun Day & Dog Show. It would also be a chance to advertise Paws & Claws Pet Care,

Unfortunately for me, I discovered very quickly that something like this isn't easy at all. Because of pet food health and safety regulations, commercial dog biscuits need to be made in a stainless steel commercial kitchen. Not only that but you have to register your business with DEFRA and get yourself a food and hygiene certificate.

Although I found it a shame that I don't have the money to rent or buy a commercial kitchen, I understand the importance of the pet food health and safety regulations. During my time at University, welfare was a subject we spent a huge amount of time on, and I can see the implications of something going wrong.

Maybe you've just made a cup of tea with sweetener in your kitchen, and you accidentally grab the sweetener instead of sugar to flavour some sweet dog treats.

The consequences, you ask? Well, a bunch of dogs with funny tummies! The same goes for a multitude of other ingredients that may cause gastrointestinal upsets to your pets, or even worse, a very sick dog and a very expensive vet bill. This then affects you directly. What protection have you got if something does happen to an animal and you're blamed?

If I'm ever tempted to buy dog treats from a stall after finding out all the legal rules regarding home made dog food, I'm going to feel the need to ask the stall holders if they're insured, and if they have a commercial kitchen!

Just remember to follow a recipe when baking for your and your friends pets. You should lower any risk of causing upset, and the dogs that do get treats will definitely love you!

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