Camping with a woof!

Are you going camping at some point this summer and taking your best four legged pal along? Here are a few tips to make your trip a bit more manageable.

1. Make sure the camp site accepts dogs! Some camp sites have strict rules when it comes to dogs because of adjoining fields with cows and sheep. Try to find a more pet friendly camp site.

2. Almost all sites will ask you to keep your dog on a lead when not in the tent. You can buy dog lead hooks that dig into the ground. These are fantastic as you won't have to hold onto a lead all day, and there's zero risk of pooch sneaking off to explore neighbouring tents! Check one out on ebay here!

3. Make sure you give your pooch some flea treatment before heading off! Long grass can attract fleas and ticks, and if there are other dogs nearby there is a risk of these pests getting to your fluffy pal. Treating them before you leave ensures a good level of protection from all the creepy crawlies in that field.

4. Check for local vets, so if you have an emergency, you know straight where to head.

5. Carry a dog towel! You never know the area as well as you hoped. If your dog finds a nice dirty pond it may not be able to resist the urge to go for a swim, and you don't want them jumping all over your camping gear soaking wet!

6. Make sure his or her microchip is up to date, and ensure all collars have tags with a mobile number on them, just in case you get separated. This should ensure the quick return of your best friend should the worst happen.

I hope these tips will help you and your pooch on your next camping trip! Bye for now!

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