Tips to make your dog love the vets!

Some dogs absolutely love the vets. They get tons of attention and are given treats whilst they're there! So why not try making the vets a positive experience for your dog?

Food rewards can be a powerful tool to help you relax your pet. If you're worried about giving too many, why not shrink their breakfast if you're booked in for the morning? They'll be a bit hungry and more inclined to accept treats, and you won't feel guilty about expanding their waistline!

If your dog suffers from anxiety and starts shaking when you enter the vets, make it a positive experience by practising your vet visits. Go right to the car park and get your dog used to the journey. It will be much easier once they realise it won't always be a bad experience and they're rewarded with treats. Most vets won't have any issues with you popping into the practice with the dog either. Just let them know what you're doing or you might get some funny looks!!!

Nervous of other dogs or people? Ask the vets for an appointment at a quiet time. Some vets may even let your dog in through a side door so it doesn't meet any other animals.

Another option is to use products such as Adaptil to relax your dog before you go to the vets. "Adaptil is a synthetic copy of the natural “dog appeasing pheromone” released by the mother dog 2-3 days after giving birth. This pheromone comforts and supports her puppies, giving them the confidence to explore the outside world. This dog appeasing pheromone has been proven to have a comforting effect on both puppies and adult dogs during stressful situations and also helps support their training and socialisation."

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