Why you should rescue

When adopting an animal, many people will often trawl through the web searching for puppies and kittens. Many have specific breeds in mind, and want the animal to be under a certain age.

My personal preference is to adopt older animals. Not only does it give animals a new lease on life, but you're often left with less short term problems than if you adopt a young kitten or puppy.

Toilet training, the costs associated with vaccinations and neutering, puppy training classes - all avoidable through adoption of a slightly older animal.

And if you do decide a puppy or kitten is still for you, why not check your local no kill rescue centres? It's likely they have some babies for adoption. Not only is this cheaper than buying, but you know the pups and their parents are in safe hands.

There are many positives associated with rescue adoption, and you'll love that animal just as much as the one you planned to pay £500 for, so why not consider it? You have nothing to lose.

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