Planning for Summer

It's slowly starting to get hot, with the odd amazing day. We need to start planning on how to keep our animals cool on the steaming hot days of summer. Here are a few tips that might help cool your pets down if the house gets too hot.


All animals can overheat, especially if they choose to sunbathe. Sticking ice cubes in a bowl means that your dog can cool itself down with some nice cold water through the hottest parts of the day.


Freeze some water bottles in advance. If you wake up to a hot day, you'll be fully prepared to wrap the bottles in an old towel and stick it in the rabbit hutch. Make sure your hutch is in a shaded area too!

Small Animals

Ensure your caged animals aren't in direct sunlight. Transparent plastic and glass can act like a greenhouse and overheat your tiny pet, so it's best to move them into a shaded area of the house.

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