Our dog walking service is perfect for anyone with busy working lives, family, disabilities or any of the millions of other reasons that may stop you from being able to walk your dog or puppy.


We can offer both individual and group walks for your dogs. We always try to match dogs together. This ensures your dog stays safe, walks at a comfortable pace and gets the maximum amount of play and attention.



When you contact us, we'll arrange a consultation. This is the first step to making a booking.


Consultations allow us to gather information to ensure the best care for your dog, and means you and your dog can get to know us and get a chance to ask us any questions. It also allows us to fill out some important paperwork.


This is completely free and you are under no obligation to use our service.


After Booking


We will arrange a convenient time to collect a set of keys for your property if we require them. Don't worry, your keys are kept safe, and we never put any of your details on the key. We also offer a key holding service.



The Walk


We walk your dogs in and around your area if walked alone, and dogs will never spend more than 15 minutes at a time in the car. We ensure we take different routes so your dog doesn't get too familiar or bored with their walk. 


We usually walk dogs on the lead, but some owners prefer their dogs walked off lead once we have developed a trusting relationship with the dog, as long as we are in a safe location. 


When we return, we'll make sure your dogs paws are clean and that they have a full water bowl. We can also feed them if required.



Our Prices


Our prices are as follows:


30 Minute Walk with one dog - £8

One Hour Walk with one dog - £12

We charge an extra £6 per additional dog (from the same household)